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Unlikely Bridesmaid Series. Original Photo by Evangeline Lane.

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Unlikely Bridesmaid (A Series): Part Four – Ordering A Bridesmaid Dress

We all ordered the bridesmaid dresses from the same place at the same time, which is apparently a thing bridesmaids are supposed to do so that they’re all the exact same color or something? I guess colors are hard for dress companies? Anyway, this meant that I needed to interact with another “black-pantsuit-wearing lady” at another bridal store, this time one in South Carolina named Tammy.

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Happy Couple on the Water

Parents: You Gotta Chill The Hell Out

Hey new parents. Having kids isn’t for everyone. But, here is some unsolicited advice. “You’ve got to find that place of personal bliss inside yourself, and chill the hell out.” And I mean that as a friend.

Give them Beer!

(More) Gifts For Guys!

Mmmmmm. Beer. Here at Bridesmaiding, we are always on the lookout for cool stuff just for you. And like, all your friends. Well, this time – the cool stuff came to us! Yay! Less work! We’ve written about gifts for guys before but our list could always use expanding! The guys behind reached out to show us […]

Photo credit: Vadim Sherbakov

Gifts For Guys

If you think women are tough to shop for – try Grooms and Groomsmen! I’ve done a lot of creative gift searches for guys and almost every search leads you to a knife or a monogrammed toiletry bag. (Because nothing says “thank you” or “congrats!” like your monogram on a toothpaste-covered bag where you keep your condoms!) Here are some gift ideas that guys will actually like!