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Bachelorette Gift: The Bridesmaids Scrapbook

Looking for Bachlorette ideas? We’ve got ’em right here. Not all bachelorette parties have to be cheesy and more of the “usz.” At Bridesmaiding, we like easy, fun, and affordable ideas that appeal to the laid back, independent gal.

(Updated 2013) Over the past few years, this Scrapbook idea has become one of the most popular posts on our blog.  More proof of how something so easy, low-budget, and creative can appeal to so many people!


This is everyone’s favorite Bachelorette gift for so many reasons:

  • It’s an activity and gift wrapped into one!
  • It’s super cheap!
  • It’s easy!
  • It’s meaningful!
  • Any one who wants to (all the bridesmaids) can chip in and participate!
  • Brides LOVE it!

[Scroll down for more photos!]

What you need to do:

1. Buy a scrapbook/photo book with full page “sleeves.”
Its best to buy a book that can fit a regular sized piece of paper in the sleeves (8 1/2 x 11) so no one has to go out of their way to get special paper. If the pages are larger than normal you can email out the dimensions to the girls in case someone wants to use the whole page.

2. Decorate the outside.
You are the creator of the scrapbook itself. You can do as much or as little with this as you want. I usually decorate the outside of the Scrapbook with a “title” for the book. I promise, you don’t have to be a creative type or anything. Grab some stickers and do your thang.

3. Make up your own scrapbook page for the bride and slide it into the book.
This can be whatever you want it to be. I have written a poem and pasted it in with a photo. I have used song lyrics. I have pasted old newspaper on the 8 1/2 by 11 sheet and then put photos and friendship quotes on top of it… whatever you do will be great.

4. Fill in the other ladies!
Make sure to send an email out to all of the bridesmaids (and whoever else wants to participate – i.e. other girls invited to the party) in advance. A month is plenty of time. Each page is super easy to make but people sometimes freak out a bit when they hear creativity is involved – and of course, they save it until the last minute. So the more advance notice you give, the better.

Email example:

We’re planning on making a scrapbook to give the bride at her bachelorette! The scrapbook has pocket pages sized 8 1/2 x 11. We’d love for each girl to make one page for the bride. Your page can include anything you want – a picture, collage, poem, memories, song lyrics – anything that reminds you of your friendship with our girl!




As everyone arrives to the bachelorette party, they will pass you their scrapbook pages and you can slide them into the book. If you want, you can also bring extra photos, paper, and glue sticks if anyone wants to make a last minute page!

Present it to the bride and have her look through each page! It’s a gift and an activity rolled into one and it’s an awesome and personalized keepsake.

Bring tissues for tears! They will be a-flowin.


Thank you so much to Shana and Jill – the Brides who sent me photos of their Bachelorette scrapbooks!

3 thoughts on “Bachelorette Gift: The Bridesmaids Scrapbook

  1. ShanCon

    We did this for Susie’s shower! She’s a travel blogger so we had everyone decorate a page with a little note on their favorite places to travel, that way Susie and Mike would always have a place to go when stuck on ideas.

    Love it.

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