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Tips! Money Savers: How to be a Bridesmaid Without Going Broke

Well, here is some news that’s not news:
Weddings are damn expensive.

Ever been asked to be a bridesmaid and know that there is no way you are going to be able to afford it? What if you are an actor living in Manhattan and your best friend is having her wedding in Seattle? Or a destination wedding in Puerto Rico? What do you do?

1. First of all, don’t start selling your stuff on e-bay straight-away. How about talking to the bride? If your friends are anything like mine (and if you’re on this website, I assume that they are!) then they will work with you any way they can! Maybe they can chip in with you to pay for the bridesmaids dress? Maybe they can help in other ways?

(Hopefully they won’t be like this insane bride and give your duties away to someone else because you can’t afford the dress!)

I cant afford to be in your wedding

Listen…I can’t afford to be in your wedding. Sorry. Photo Credit: Ann- Kathrin Rehse

2. Don’t have a date to split the hotel room cost with? Ask the bride and groom for a list of their other single traveling friends – so you can find someone to share the room with.

3. Can’t afford a flight and hotel… aaaand a gift on top of it all? Make your appearance at the wedding the gift. I’m sure your friends would rather have you be there at their special day – then get another mixing bowl off of the registry.

4. Some friends don’t make you buy all the exact same dress – and that is the best. I was in a wedding once where we just had to wear a “black dress” of our choosing. In those instances, hit up your friends to see if you can borrow something – instead of buying something new.

5. Be choosy. The truth is – between bachelorettes, bridal showers, engagement parties – AND a wedding – sometimes, we just can’t do it all. If you can’t afford to attend all of these events… pick one or two. Or – suggest that some events take place the same weekend if possible – so you don’t have to travel twice!

6. If a super close friend is getting married – this doesn’t mean you have to spend more money on the gift. It just means you may want the gift to mean something more. Are you a creative person? Well, nothing means more than a personalized creative gift. For my closest friends, I have drawn them something and framed it for their wedding – and then given another smaller gift on the side. It’s always a hit.

7. This ain’t brain surgery – but chipping in for the gift often means you can get the couple something larger and more expensive, without having to bust the bank doing it. See if other friends or other bridesmaids want to chip in!

Do you have more ideas? Share them with us and we’ll post your ideas on our site!

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