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Photo of the Day: The Tulum Wow Wedding


There really aren’t any other words I can think of to describe the photos from LunahZon‘s latest project. They are literally breathtaking. And I’m more than aware that I usually use the word “literally” in abundance. But I mean it this time!

This first one is truly a photo that you need to view as large as possible to take it all in. Click on the image to see what I mean.

[Click on Image To View Full Size]
Wow, right?

Ok well it’s not totally fair that this wedding is like, the most beautiful thing ever being that it was in Tulum, Mexico! But I really love the colorful touches that they included – the pink and orange flowers; the pink and blue ribbon. It was hard just to choose a few photographs! They are all so incredible.

Thanks so much to our friends at LunahZon Photography for sharing! Check out their website at or their Flickr stream.

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