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Finally! Weddington Way: Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Made Easy

Hey Laaaaaadies!! I finally found a website that will help make the dreaded bridesmaid dress shopping process easier. You’re welcome! The creators of the online bridesmaid boutique,, told me to check out their site and I am so glad I did.

It was started by two ladies who were former buyers for Bloomingdales and who had been bridesmaids many times. They experienced some of the frustration that the rest of us do – and they decided to transform the bridesmaid dress shopping and buying process into something fun! Thank you, gals!

The basic idea of the online boutique is that the bride can browse through dresses, choose ones she likes, and then send them to the bridesmaids to vote on anonymously. This helps her choose the dress that everyone wants – and gives the ladies some (organized) say on the matter. Also, the bride can track her girls to see who has actually ordered the dresses and who hasn’t. It’s kind of amazing.

Here are the main benefits that stand out to me:

    1. It’s free. Yup. All you pay for is the dress itself.
    2. It gives bridesmaids some power in the process, so they feel good about the dress they will be spending their money on.
    3. It’s efficient – especially when bridesmaids may be on different coasts or in different countries.
    4. The tracking part is just so cool. (And, a huge weight lifted off the shoulders of the bride, who may have to check in on some slacker bridesmaids.)

Here is the deal for the Bride:

  • Log into the site and browse dresses like you would.
  • Obviously, most sites have streamlining search options such as price range and color, but this site has some cool additional filters such as style, theme (beach, black tie, winter etc.), length, and designer.
  • You save the dresses you like. Then, you can go to the “Compare Your Favorites Side-by-Side” area and do just that.
  • You can save and download different lineups of different color/style combos to show your mom or your Maid of Monor – or just to or hold on to for future reference!

Once the bride chooses her faves, she can share all the styles with her Bridal Party. Now… it’s the Bridesmaids’ turn! They will be able to rank the styles the Bride has chosen – and then the Bride will make the final decision.

And the Bridesmaids:

  • The Bridesmaids then go in and RANK the different dresses by dragging and dropping them in whatever order they desire. (This is so much more efficient so much better than voting over email. Plus – the voting is anonymous, thankyouverymuch.)
  • Those preferences go to the bride who – obviously – makes the final say. And then, you can go back in and order your dress!

Boom! And, that’s how it’s done.

Again, just like any other shopping experience – the bride ultimately gets the final say, but Weddington Way aids brides in shopping with bridesmaids who are busy and may not all live in the same area. And I like how it gives the Bridesmaids some power in the whole process.

Check out the site and let me know what you think!

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