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Got A Lot O’ Weddings? Help Staying Organized


With so many weddings in one year (I think I’m up to 7,) I started to get overwhelmed. Sure, I can keep track of wedding dates – no problem. I have a calendar. But the where and when and if I made a hotel reservation, if I sent a shower gift, and if I sent a wedding gift, and where they are registered… there is no WAY I could keep track of all of that in this Bridesmaidin’ brain of mine! It really is a LOT. So, I found myself doing what any unorganized nerd does – creating a document to help stay on top of everything!

I personally use Google Docs for everything – since I can access it at both home and at work as well as on my phone.

So, I created a “Weddings 2011” document and updated it with the following:

  • Name of Couple
  • Date of wedding
  • Location of wedding
  • Wedding Website (if there is one)
  • Registry
  • Hotel for Wedding (Name of hotel and if I made a reservation yet)
  • Shower Date
  • Shower Gift (Did I send one? What did I send?)
  • Wedding Gift (Did I send one? What did I send?)

Obviously, I checked things off and filled them in as time went by. It seriously saved me a few times – my brain is only capable of so much!


The good thing about this system is that is also shows me how much I’ve been spending on weddings. The bad thing is that is also shows me how much I’ve been spending on weddings.

Do you have any methods to stay organized? Feel free to share them in the comments below or send us an email!

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