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To Have Bridesmaids Or Not? A Bride’s True Story


For those brides debating whether or not to have bridesmaids,
you should read this.

I got married a week ago.

Everyone tells you that your wedding day is going to fly right by.  Everyone tells you that you won’t be thinking about all the little details on that day because you will be having so much fun. Everyone tells you that the thing that makes a wedding is the people, and that “your wedding could be in a ditch somewhere, but if the people are great, then the wedding will be too.”

But what no one ever told me was that my bridesmaids would be THE most instrumental part in keeping me sane on my wedding day.

Now, I have seen the reality shows that  expose bridesmaids as being jealous girls, who can’t be happy for the bride – and I am sure that this exists is some circles.  But not in mine.  I had the MOST beautiful, supportive, amazing women circle around me on my wedding day and keep me calm, tell me how beautiful I was, get genuinely excited for me, and when I asked them to… they actually physically CUT my wedding dress.

Let me explain.

My dress was a beautiful gown from a very well known and expensive bridal salon. It was a draped gown – all across the front and back – and looked beautiful. But, on the night of my wedding, I realized that each drape was held on by only one stitch! (Are you kidding me?) The dancing started … and stitch by stitch, the drapery quickly started to unravel and fall and I was left with nothing but a pile of fabric to trip over on the floor.  I finally beckoned for my wonderful bridesmaid (who works in fashion). I instructed her to grab a pair of scissors and literally cut the bottom of my wedding dress off so that I could dance.  This was sad considering that my dress was $4,000.00! And I can imagine it’s a lot to ask my bridesmaid who watched me go in for fitting after fitting in order to get that dress perfect. But she got on her knees with that pair of scissors and cut that thing to my liking.  And I was all the happier for it.

My girls made sure I had a drink in my hand at all times, and that I got to taste my hors d’oeuvres.  They danced the night away with me, and they stayed at the after party till the very end.  Then, at the end of the night, one of them came to my room to help take out the millions of bobby pins one by one – that were stuck throughout my hair.

Danielle with Founder of Bridesmaiding, Rachel, who was one of the bridesmaids!

The epitome of close friendship was displayed over and over again, and I will never be able to express just how much it all really meant to me.

I know it’s common for brides to have trouble choosing bridesmaids. They can’t choose between all of their friends to put together a wedding party. But I say, if you have wonderful girls: the more the merrier!  I had 9 excellent bridesmaids and an awesome Man of Honor.  My night would not have been the same if I didn’t look out into the crowd and see that sea of green bridesmaid dresses.  Green dresses of support, friendship, love, and beauty dancing with me, rapping with me, and having what has come to be an unforgettable night.  I am so blessed and grateful.  Thank you so much – you know who you are!

Danielle Kaplowitz
Actress and Bridesmaiding Contributor
Follow her on twitter: @DRKaplowitz

2 thoughts on “To Have Bridesmaids Or Not? A Bride’s True Story

  1. Dena Kaplowitz Kocher

    What a truly wonderful wedding, Dani! I couldn’t stop reveling in all the fun and delightful aspects of it the whole flight home and following week. Such heart-warming memories of great speeches, toasts, roasts, laughter, love, delicious endless food, awesome music, truly special people, etc. I loved all your friends and everything about your wedding! You were a genuinely beautiful bride, whose heartfelt tears coming down the aisle to Ramsey touched all of us, all evening long. That was a wedding I never wanted to end! Thanks for an awesome time!

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