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Barijay Saved the Day! (The Tale Of A Bridesmaid Dress)

The Story:

Every year, a bunch of my friends hold “The Snowflake Snocial” – a huge party which, for all intents and purposes, is an adult prom. We started this tradition a few years ago – trying to meld together some of our favorite things: Dancing, Friends, Playing Dress-Up… and of course, Elks Lodges. Boom! The Snocial was born! And this year, I attended the 3rd Annual Event at the Arlington Elks Lodge in Massachusetts.

Of course… the biggest question leading up to the event is always “What are you going to wear?” I had no answer. In Snocial’s past, I’d worn a dress that I already owned (including a Bridesmaid dress). But this year – I wanted something new; something more FUN than that. The outfits run the gamut for this event – from fluorescent pink 80’s prom styles to modern day formal-wear. Saving it for the last minute though… I was about to throw in the towel.

Enter: Bari Jay Fashions.

My friend, Lauren Reeves, happens to be the In-House Model for Barijay Fashions and once they learned of my predicament, they VERY KINDLY offered to let me borrow something for the event! I went by their warehouse the next day, tried on a bunch of beautiful dresses, picked my fave – and wore it to the big event! I LOVE my dress and got a billion compliments. Thank you, Bari Jay and Lauren!

In my Bari Jay dress (with Janine of


In Bari Jay (with my friend, Will!)


Why You Might Care:

Bridesmaid dresses have gotten a bad rap – for good reason. Cheap material. Tacky styles. Ridiculous sizing. So it is so refreshing to know that bridesmaid dresses do not all have to look the same! Bari Jay’s styles are just gorgeous and by no means do they look like the “bridesmaid dress” we all fear. If you (or someone you know) is getting married – I highly recommend having them check out and finding a retailer near you to try some beautiful stuff on!

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