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Photo of The Day: A Little Grace

We are so grateful to Linna Xu Photography for sharing all their great stuff with us. This week, we are excited to show the engagement shoot photos of Linna herself, with her fiance, Trung. All of them feel so incredibly graceful and light.

This is my favorite.

All the pictures in this shoot were taken by Jennifer Xu. There were so many great shots, it was hard to choose just one!  Please check all of them out here:


Credit: Linna Xu Photo

Important Note for Canadian Weddings: Linna Xu Photography is offering a free engagement portrait session to a same sex couple getting married in 2012! A few weeks ago, Canada legalized gay and lesbian marriage for thousands of couples who have traveled here. In acknowledgement, Linna Xu Photography is enthusiastic to reach out and share in the love.  Contact them through facebook, or email

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