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Bachelorette Party Idea: An Interactive Adventure Show!

Hooray for another Bachelorette Party idea! This is pretty cool.

A few months ago, I got tickets to an interactive show in NYC called “Accomplice.”  I kept meaning to write about it but of course, life happened. So here I am.

Here is the deal: If you have a group of lady friends who like to do things outside of the box, this could be a great Bachelorette activity.  It’s a full theater piece – but you’re a part of it. It’s completely interactive.  You and your group walk all around the city, interacting with different characters, picking up clues – helping you to piece together one big mystery story.  Don’t worry – along the way, you get fed a few drinks and food as well!

This show is in London and LA, in addition to NYC.

Tips from my experience:

  • If your group is smaller than 8 people, they place you on a team with others. I think its more fun to know everyone on  your team so when you make your ticket reservations, ask them how many to a group.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. It is a lot of walking!
  • You need to be a good sport. There are a lot of good surprises along the way – let yourself enjoy them! If you’re crew of girls is too-cool-for-school, then this isn’t the activity for you.
  • Do the “Downtown Manhattan” one!

Exciting related announcement! Accomplice is doing a special show this month for the laaaadies!

Check it out:  Accomplice: New York Salutes Fleet Week


Accomplice is proud to salute our sailors during Fleet Week. Sailors from the U.S. Navy will help the ladies stay afloat on a whirlwind adventure through the streets of New York City. Accomplice: New York is offering $15 tickets (regularly $65) to 40 women and 40 men to its May 29th show. Each show will include a group of 8: 4 Navy men and 4 randomly selected women. Interested women should send name and e-mail address to to receive 2 tickets for you and
a girlfriend.

Do it up! Tell ’em Bridesmaiding Sent ya.

More information and ticket info available at

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