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How to Not Break The Bank At Your Next Wedding: Bridesmaiding Featured on CMN

Founder of Bridesmaiding, Rachel Rosenthal, was a featured expert on Consumer Media Network’s blog this morning, discussing money-saving tips for weddings!  We are thrilled to help out!

There are some great tips in here for all wedding guests – not only bridesmaids.



It’s springtime: the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the wedding invitations are piling up. Whether you have one wedding or eight to go to during this wedding season, being a guest can get very expensive. And if you’ve been enlisted as a bridesmaid, you can kiss that savings account goodbye!

While you can’t avoid the showers, gifts, and travel that come along with tying-the-knot traditions, there are several ways you can cut down on the associated costs without straying from wedding etiquette. We’ve gathered some tips from a few women who know a lot about weddings: Rachel Rosenthal of Bridesmaiding, Jessica Lehry Bishop with The Budget Savvy Bride, and Sharon Naylor, author of Bridesmaid on a Budget.

Read the whole article here!

(Re-printed from Consumer Media Network. Article by Bethany Poller)


Gift Box Photo Credit:  Irum Shahid

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