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Different is Beautiful!: Bridesmaids Dresses

The stereotype of the “bridesmaid” is sameness.

Wear the same dress. Wear the same shoes. Wear your hair the same. Carry the same flowers… in the same line formation.

Well, not at Bridesmaiding!  I started this website to show the world that you can keep your individuality and still be a supportive friend. You can still be a dutiful bridesmaid without losing yourself in the madness.  As I’ve said before… “We may be wearing the same dress, but we will never be the same.”

Today we’re going to highlight, once again, that different is beautiful.  Here are some examples of wedding parties with different colors, styles, dresses – and as you can see, all are more than amazing.


Photo Credit: Sarah Yates Photography

 These (above) bridesmaids all wore completely different colors and styles – but, as you can see, they are from the same color palette.

A soft and beautiful combination.


Photo Credit: Rheri Kenney Photography

These gals were clearly all told to wear navy but it didn’t need to be the same designer or same style.  The slightly different colors blend nicely – especially with the matching bouquets that tie it all together.


Photo Credit: Kristi Midgette Photography

 My friend, Nicole, sent me the above photo  from the lovely wedding of Meghan and John, who won a free wedding from the Salute To Love competition.  (Grab some tissues and read their incredible story!)  I absolutely love how the pale colors and totally different dresses all compliment the bride’s lacy white gown. Gorgeous!

And then on the other side of the spectrum…

Rainbow of Bridesmaids (Not shown: purple!)

The above photo is from my friends’ Matt and Erin’s beautiful and bright wedding last Memorial Day weekend. The men and women of the bridal party were all different colors of the rainbow and it was so cheerful and happy.

As stated by a friend in their actual wedding ceremony,  “The wedding party carries the symbol of a Rainbow, which – while long celebrated for its rarity and beauty – has modern significance.   In recent times, we hold this symbol up as a banner to show that we love and accept all those in our community, and all expressions of love, even though – and especially because – so many traditions have not recognized them.

And continued…

“Matt and Erin, in your marriage, a rainbow symbolizes the spectrum of experience that you will share, including love in romance, love of friendship both to each other and to others, and the patience and support you give to each other even when your love it tested. It reflects the diversity that you both bring to marriage.”

Are you crying yet? I was a chuppah holder, and I thought I was going to drop it on their heads, I was so emotional!

We hope you show this to your engaged friends who are trying to decide what dresses you all should wear… perhaps we’ll inspire new brides-to-be!  Thanks to everyone for sharing these beautiful photos and words and for proving once again that different is beautiful.


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