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Photo Of The Day: Who Says White Men Can’t Jump?

Well, this is exciting.

A photo of the day from a wedding I was actually a part of, and a moment I actually witnessed.  Check out the bride and groom as they walked back down the aisle after they were pronounced “Husband and Wife.”

But let’s be honest – this photo needs no introduction:

Rainbow Wedding Exit - Matt and Erin


…but you know I’m going to talk about it anyway.

This photo is of my friends, Mattitiyahu and Erin,  from their recent Memorial Day wedding.  I love it for many reasons but the main one is this:  This photo SO perfectly encapsulates this exuberant couple, this colorful wedding, and this seriously joyful moment.

This picture was snapped after the couple was officially announced “husband and wife” – and they walked away down the aisle, over a huge field of grass, as the rest of the ceremony adorably watched their exit.

I was lucky enough to have the honor of being a Chuppah holder which meant I had the best seat in the house (directly looking at the beautifully emotionally groom) as they went through probably the most touching, sincere, and personal wedding ceremony I have ever witnessed.  (Feel free to read an excerpt from the ceremony here.)

Thanks so much to Lynne Graves Photography for sharing this photo with  Lynne is based out of New England but travels all over for her work. Check out this talented photographer at her website and blog at



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