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Photo Of The Day: Tangled Up In You

Hey ya’ll! Remember this talented photographer – the amazing Diana Sabreen?

She seems to get involved in the most awesome projects possible. You will definitely agree with me once you see this amazing photo.  Looks like she just photographed a wedding like you’ve never seen.  The photos speak for themselves…





So, let’s start here:


This sure is not your Mom’s traditional wedding, and that is what is so special about it. Talk about putting your personality into your wedding ceremony?

“The wedding was a circus show complete with aerialists, dancers and acro balancing acts.”

Also, in related news – how bad do you want to eat dessert with a Unicorn right now?

This wedding clearly encompassed everything that IS this couple and their family and friends.  But don’t listen to me. Diana says it best:

“If you are planning a wedding, remember that your wedding should be a festival, celebrating how awesome you are and what sets you apart from the rest of the world. It’s a special day, but not one that needs to be “perfect” or to fit in a box. Get dirty. Dance hard. Enjoy the people around you and don’t be afraid to be yourself and create your world.

Make sure to see the full post with photos and commentary on the Diana Sabreen Photography Blog.

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