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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas: Because We’re Really Close Friends

As a bridesmaid, I usually feel like giving something off the registry is a fine gift for the bridal shower… but for the wedding? No way.

Usually you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid because you are a close friend; a huge part of this woman’s life. A mixing bowl and spatula doesn’t really say what you want it to say. polled its readers (brides and bridesmaids alike) to come up with some awesome off the beaten path gift ideas… here we go!

  • Set up a registry to help pay for the honeymoon or the wedding photographer.
  • A couples massage class.
  • Instead of writing a check, find a pretty vase (or something from their registry) – and fill it with $1’s – $20’s.
  • Chip in with some friends and pay for one months’ rent.
  • Find out where they are honeymooning. Get them an “activity” on their honeymoon (like waterskiing or volcano climbing!)
  • Another honeymoon-related gift: have champagne etc. in their room waiting for them when they arrive at their hotel.
  • Give them something personalized and created just by you. I have made numerous drawings for friends and framed them – and then given that as a gift in addition to money or a registry gift.
  • Know any artists? Support them while giving a really personalized gift – buy one of your friends’ paintings!
  • Are the bride and groom drinkers? I love the idea of giving them a case of wine – with customized wine labels. There are some vineyards that do this, as well as tons of sites online.

Of course – every bride is different – as is every bridesmaid. If they want that Kitchen Aid Mixer – then, by all means go for it!

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas!
Do you have anything to add to this list? Please let us know!

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