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Writers Wanted! Bridesmaiding Wants Your Submissions! is looking to add to our team of writers! No Bridesmaiding or Groomsmanning experience necessary.

Getting started!

Want to submit something but not sure what to write about?  This “Ideas and Article Starters” document should help you out. Also please make sure to read our Writing Intro and Guidelines document before sending any submissions.

Bridesmaiding is a site that serves two purposes:
1. Resource Center: The site is a resource for wedding party members. Money-saving tips, planning inspiration, gift ideas, step-by-steps, how-to’s and all of the random tasks and duties that no one ever tells you about.

2. Blog/Stories:  We provide funny stories, touching family moments, beautiful photography, and all-around fun. We have true-life stories, as well as fictional wedding toasts and “just for fun” anecdotes.

Your submission can be for either of the above categories and can consist of one line quotes, a paragraph, a photo – or a full length story. Anything goes as long as it is original material.

Credit: Jenny Moloney Photography

Credit: Jenny Moloney Photography

Our writing style is honest, fun, down-to-earth.  I am a people person and I hope that readers feel like they are getting advice from a friend – not just a random website.   This site is a really fun way to get your stories out there and I encourage anyone to write a story (or contribute an idea for one) so we can share it with the world (wide web).

If you are just a Marketing or SEO expert trying to create random content to boost your own site’s readership, then this isn’t the job for you. We want real people – not robots!

Please make sure to read through our Writing Intro and Guidelines document and then send your piece to Thanks for your interest!



About Bridesmaiding:

Finally, a site created to help real people with the honorable – but sometimes exhausting – duty of being in a wedding. Bridesmaiding is not traditional. It is a resource for independently-minded wedding party members who need help, inspiration, and laughs. Part advice column and part hilarious and heartfelt anecdotes, Bridesmaiding is the ultimate go-to for today’s bridesmaid or groomsman.



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