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Destination: Wedding

“It’s happening in a what? In a yert? What the hell is a yert?” If you have yet to be invited to a destination wedding in which the process of attending is such an arduous journey that it may be mistaken for some bourgeois NOLS trip, you will. Until then you just have to imagine the guilt-ridden mindfuck that is trying to calculate the pro’s and con’s of attending such a wedding. If in your heart of hearts you try to be a good person, but this situation can be a one-way ticket to Crazytown.

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What a Difference a Year Doesn’t Make

This weekend is my first real anniversary. Sure, I’ve been to fancy dinners and bought stuffed animals and made homemade cards and sung a cappella and once even bought what I considered to be a nice pair of sterling silver earrings, to demarcate the accomplishment of surviving a year pair-bonded to the same twenty-something for […]

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Different is Beautiful!: Bridesmaids Dresses

The stereotype of the “bridesmaid” is sameness. Wear the same dress. Wear the same shoes. Wear your hair the same. Carry the same flowers… in the same line formation. Well, not at Bridesmaiding!  I started this website to show the world that you can keep your individuality and still be a supportive friend. You can […]

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