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First came Bachelor parties… a night out with the guys. Fancy dinner and drinking. A strip club. Whatevs. Bachelorette parties followed shortly thereafter…dinner with the girls and a night of drinking. No big deal, right? Then…suddenly – both events just got so… HUGE. A night in Vegas. A weekend in Vegas. A WEEK in the Dominican Republic? wtf?

When did bachelorette parties get so insane?

Lucky for me, most of the brides I’ve known haven’t gone too off-the-handle. There are clearly more down-to-earth (and affordable!) options that are still a ton of fun. If you’ve never planned a bachelorette party before, don’t stress. Be creative. You don’t have to do the same old thing.

Here are some options I’ve enjoyed:

Brynn takes her ladies to Six Mile Creek Vienyard

Wine tour! One of my friends rented a party bus and we filled it with platters of food and alcohol. Then we drove to the Finger Lakes region and went from vineyard to vineyard doing tastings and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Rent a big house! Talk about the perfect way to spend time with your girls. One of my friends rented a big house in New Hampshire (insert any beautiful place here although I find New England towns work nicely) and all her girl friends cooked dinner, went for hikes, drank a ton, played games, and most importantly – just spent quality time with each other. It was perfect.

Beer Festival, anyone? Ok So I’m biased because my friends and I go to a Brewfest every year in Vermont…but I think this is a great option for a Bachelorette event. Rent a house and make it a weekend.

Taking a break after a hike in Killington, VT.

Photo credit: Lizete Santos

Improv Comedy Show! Most comedy places will incorporate the bride into the show – especially if you tell them her name ahead of time. Its a great activity to pair up with dinner and/or pre-gaming at someone’s apt. I highly recommend ImprovBoston (Cambridge, MA) or Upright Citizen’s Brigade (NYC/LA).

Photo credit: Lizete Santos

Pre-Game at someone’s house! Are you going to be doing dinner, drinks, or dancing? Why not meet at one of the girls’ apartments first! Wine, champagne, beer and light appetizers – cheese platter, hummus, guacamole etc. Save money by asking the bridesmaids to each bring a bottle of wine so one person doesn’t have to do it all. It’s fun to add in a “specialty cocktail” too if you want – mix something up and name it after the bride. This is a perfect time to play one or more of the bachelorette games or and/or to give the bride gifts.
This is also the perfect time for the Bridesmaid Scrapbook – the perfect gift for a bachelorette party.

Please see the bachelorette games page in the navigation above to see ideas for games and prizes.

Of course – sometimes, the Bachelorette party is completely controlled by the bride who knows exactly what she wants and its not drinks and laughter. In that case, get your passport and ready and buy a scratch ticket or two… A week in Vegas is expensive!