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Bachelorette Party Games

Wait. I’m supposed to plan activities for this thang?

Here are some ideas to get your started with bachelorette games/activities. Lots of these can get used for the shower as well. We are always adding more activities here and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or stories from your own experiences. Have games to add? Let us know!

1. The Questions Game
Similar to the old school Newlywed Gameshow, the Questions Game quizzes the Bride and Groom on how well they know each other. Before the party, send the groom a list of possible questions. Have him fill them out and send them back to you. Once you get to the Bachelorette Party, have the bride answer each question one by one! She will basically be guessing how she thought her groom would answer.

Download list of Questions (PDF)


  • Cut the question sheet up so each question & answer is on its own piece of paper. Hand them out to the rest of the attendees and take turns going around the room so everyone can ask a question.
  • Reward the bachelorette with a gift each time she answers correctly.

The Questions game is the classic bachelorette party activity (obv). Even though it may be a bit over-done, I have to say all the brides I know have enjoyed it the most and comment on it after the party is over. Also, it’s one of the few games that incorporates the groom so don’t overlook it too soon!

2. The Box Game
This game had my friends rolling on the floor laughing. Full directions – and photos – here!

3. The Bridesmaids Scrapbook
Ok… This isn’t neccesarily a “game” – but it’s an event and a personalized gift for your bride. Everyone takes part and brides LOVE it. I promise you it’s always a hit. Read all about how to make the Bridesmaids Scrapbook here!

Spicy! Photo: Zsuzsanna Kilian

Spicy! Photo: Zsuzsanna Kilian

4. Spices
I learned this game at my cousin’s bachelorette party and really liked it. It’s low-pressure, non-“girly,” and it doesn’t require you to dress up a bride in a toilet-paper dress. Yes please!


  • Gather a bunch of fresh spices (not dried) and put each of them in their own bowl on a table. Give each bowl a number card. Every Spice should have a number with it.
  • Next to the bowls, place a stack of note-cards and writing utensils. If you can pre-number the cards, that’s amazing. If you can’t – no one will go home upset.
  • Each party-attendee can grab a card and write their name on it. From there – they can smell, touch & taste the spices in each bowl and mark down their card with what spice they think it is.

What’s great about this game is that – unlike other games where everyone has to “gather round” at a specific time – you can just leave the table out while people are eating, drinking, socializing and anyone can fill out a spice card at any time. At the end of the night – you can reveal the answers and reward the winners.

If anyone asks why you are playing this Spice game – punch them in the shoulder pad. After that you can answer with any and all of the following:

“… it’s to keep the bride and groom’s relationship hot & spicy!”
“…it’s so the bride and groom can finally learn how to cook!”
“Variety is the spice of life, lady!”

Then tell her to stop asking questions.

5. Pin Ups
Ok fine, so Pin Ups isn’t really the best name for this game. It’s basically “pin the tail on the donkey” but with a personal twist. At one party I attended, the groom loved sneakers – so the girls played “Pin the sneaker on Richie.” At another party, we played “Pin the thong on Sarah (the bride.)” All you need is a big poster board with a blown up photo or drawing of the person to whom you’ll be doing the pinning. Then, you need a blindfold, a box of tacs, and a bunch of paper cut-outs of the thing you’ll be pinning (sneakers, thongs – or whatever!). This is a game that is very easy to customize to the couple.

6. Personal Trivia
Make up a list of questions about the bride and groom and print the lists out. Put them out where people are sitting with a stack of writing utensils. Throughout the party, people will write down their answers.
Later on, the game leader (can be the bride or the Maid of Honor etc.) will read out each question and ask for the correct answer. Whoever answers correctly (and loudly?) first will get a prize!

7. Bridal Mad Libs
We all played the game as a kid… now you can customize it for your bride and groom. This is a fun game to entertain the gals before you go out for the night, or even when you are sitting at the dinner table.

Obviously, you can customize it however you’d like – but here is a blank “Bridal Mad Libs” game to get you started!

Download Bridal Mad Libs (PDF)

8. Advertising Slogans
This is another Trivia-type game to play as people are hanging out, eating, mingling – whatever. Unlike the Mad Libs and Personal Trivia, however, this game isn’t really that personal. Still, it’s fun and people seem to enjoy it!

Ad Slogans Game (PDF)
Ad Slogans Game Answers (PDF)