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Grab some tissues – these posts just make you say “awww!” Who knew we could be so sweet?

So Long, Mom: Giving Away the Bride

I belong to a hard-to-explain “modern family,” but unfortunately no one seems to be gay or outwardly ethnic at this point. For us, “modern” could really just be replaced with “heavy on the divorces.” I don’t hide that my mom is now married to her third husband; it’s not something I’m ashamed of. I do […]

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A Decent (Wedding) Proposal

Most men of my generation really, really, really want to get the money, the girl and thwart the bad guy just like George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven. But in reality most of us are just trying to get by on the limited skills and talent that we’ve amassed over time. In short: we aspire to be Danny Ocean, but in reality we are all just Billy Ocean. Which is why most marriage proposals are a goddamn mess.

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A Truly Honorable Maid of Honor

“I know Addie’s your sister, but can I be your maid of honor?” Becca has been posing this question for years.  Never mind that I couldn’t be farther from marriage.  Our weddings are hypothetical scenarios that we run through often, and the pressure to choose my right-hand woman is real. Becca and I have been […]

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What a Difference a Year Doesn’t Make

This weekend is my first real anniversary. Sure, I’ve been to fancy dinners and bought stuffed animals and made homemade cards and sung a cappella and once even bought what I considered to be a nice pair of sterling silver earrings, to demarcate the accomplishment of surviving a year pair-bonded to the same twenty-something for […]

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Hurricane Sandy: In The End, Only Kindness Matters

How Bridesmaiding Helped A Good Deed Go A Long Way: You don’t need to read it here to know that this has been one sad week along the East Coast. But in the midst of horrible images of loss and destruction, I’ve been so happy to see the other side of this storm. The random acts of kindness. People taking friends and family into their homes. Strangers helping strangers… It’s been truly moving to see positivity and good deeds emerge during a week of absolute devastation. So, as you can imagine – Bridesmaiding was just thrilled when we had a chance to help out even in the smallest way.

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Best of 2011: Before I Walked Down The Aisle

As the year comes to a close, Bridesmaiding is reaching out to some of our favorite photographers, bridesmaids, and 2011 brides to bring you Memorable Moments: Best of 2011. And now, we are happy to share some of these amazing moments with you. Today’s Memorable moment: Before I Walked Down The Aisle  Submitted by Bridesmaiding […]

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To Have Bridesmaids Or Not? A Bride’s True Story

  For those brides debating whether or not to have bridesmaids, you should read this. I got married a week ago. Everyone tells you that your wedding day is going to fly right by.  Everyone tells you that you won’t be thinking about all the little details on that day because you will be having […]

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A Moment Between Siblings

When I was 4 ½ years old my whole world came crashing down. My little brother was born. I had spent my whole short life being the center of the universe. Now, I had to share everything – the biggest being my bedroom. When I was seven and Billy was two, my safe haven was […]

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The Best Man

I want to talk for a minute about groomsmen. Specifically, the best man. The best man’s job has turned into little more than bachelor party social director. But it can be, and should be, much more than that. Your best man is your voice of sanity in the wilderness. He’s the one who should say […]

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