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Different Is Beautiful

Here at Bridesmaiding, we believe that Different is Beautiful. From clothing to personalities to going against the grain – we are not the most traditional and we are proud of it. We may be wearing the same dress, but we will never be the same.

Double Brides: A Guidebook On How To Act When Your Gay Friends Get Married (Hint: Like A Human!)

Great news! You are a cool person & you know two gals who are getting married. To one another! Maybe you live in a city, or have been to a city or you are open to watching a city on tv. Maybe you’re artsy. Maybe you’re sporty. Maybe you are just any human person living in America in 2013. Whatever the case, you know gay women. And yet! You might still have questions when it comes to double brides.

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Different is Beautiful!: Bridesmaids Dresses

The stereotype of the “bridesmaid” is sameness. Wear the same dress. Wear the same shoes. Wear your hair the same. Carry the same flowers… in the same line formation. Well, not at Bridesmaiding!  I started this website to show the world that you can keep your individuality and still be a supportive friend. You can […]

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Photo of the Day: Bridesmaids N’ Boots!

As you know, we love the  gals that aren’t afraid of doing  a little somethin’ different – and we love the brides that embrace it too! Today’s Photo of the Day is from our favorite fabulous duo, Jeremy and Debby at LunahZon Photography! I adore that all of the bridesmaids – and the bride herself […]

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Photo of The Day: Different is Beautiful

You know how much we love mixing it up and with different dresses, styles, and attitudes here at Bridesmaiding. So… we were just immediately drawn to this gorgeous bride and bridesmaid photo from our friend and photography, Jenny. Also – she always gets that LIGHT just right! Am I right? [Click the photo for full-size […]

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