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Bridesmaiding Founder, Rachel Rosenthal, interviewed by Ultimate Bridesmaid Blog

Hey Everybody! It’s an exclusive with Bridesmaiding founder, Rachel Rosenthal! The Brooklyn bridesmaid blogging world is a tight circle. Ok, fine. It’s a small circle.  But you know – we roll together ya’ll. We were especially excited to get interviewed by the Ultimate Bridesmaid Guide and talk all things Bridesmaiding! We discuss everything from Brooklyn […]

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Hurricane Sandy: In The End, Only Kindness Matters

How Bridesmaiding Helped A Good Deed Go A Long Way: You don’t need to read it here to know that this has been one sad week along the East Coast. But in the midst of horrible images of loss and destruction, I’ve been so happy to see the other side of this storm. The random acts of kindness. People taking friends and family into their homes. Strangers helping strangers… It’s been truly moving to see positivity and good deeds emerge during a week of absolute devastation. So, as you can imagine – Bridesmaiding was just thrilled when we had a chance to help out even in the smallest way.

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How to Not Break The Bank At Your Next Wedding: Bridesmaiding Featured on CMN

Founder of Bridesmaiding, Rachel Rosenthal, was a featured expert on Consumer Media Network’s blog this morning, discussing money-saving tips for weddings!  We are thrilled to help out! There are some great tips in here for all wedding guests – not only bridesmaids.   Excerpt: It’s springtime: the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and […]

Read More » Creator Interviewed on Bridesmaid Blog creator, Rachel Rosenthal, was interviewed again! And this crazy photo keeps showing up on other blogs! Huzzah! In this interview, our new favorite blogger and guest writer (remember this awesome post?), Rachel aka 27 Messes, asks all about the creation of, overall wedding craziness, and gets advice for fellow bloggers out there. Also […]

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