The Bridesmaid Resource. Help for a Damsel in this dress!


Being a bridesmaid is more than donning a dress and showing up early for pictures. You have some responsibilities. Don’t worry, we cover it all.

Break The Ice: Fun Bridal Shower Games

Are you a bridesmaid or maid of honor? Are you stuck with trying to come up with the bridal shower games? Do not fear: we have some easy and fun game ideas that will get the bride, the bridal party, and the rest of the guests laughing and bonding by the end of the night. […]

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De-stressing Your Bride-To-Be

Sure, being a bride should be a fun and happy experience. But, as we all know – there is a lot of stress that goes along with planning an event for 30 members of your friends and family, and ya know,  a 100 “strangers.”  Here are a few tips for de-stressing your bride, comforting her […]

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The Ten Commandments Of Planning A Stellar Bachelorette Party

Congratulations! You’ve been tasked with planning a bachelorette party for your friend/sister/ cousin /co-worker. You may be overwhelmed with all the pressure to make it super amazing, as you anxiously watch the list of things on your “to do” list grow longer and longer. The anxiety will rise even more if the party involves a […]

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Bridal Shower Ideas: It’s Not Just For Tea And Old Ladies Anymore

Every time I have to go to a bridal shower, I cringe. I’m sorry. But… it’s got to be the worst tradition in wedding planning! Let’s all sit around and watch someone open gifts and ooh and ahh at each item – even though she knew exactly what she was getting because she registered for it! So… how can you make a bridal shower that doesn’t suck? Well, I’m glad you asked.

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(Everyone Calm Down) Laid Back Bachelorette Party Ideas

First came Bachelor parties… a night out with the guys. Fancy dinner and drinking. A strip club. Whatevs. Bachelorette parties followed shortly thereafter…dinner with the girls and a night of drinking. No big deal, right? Then…suddenly – both events just got so… HUGE. A night in Vegas. A weekend in Vegas. A WEEK in the Dominican Republic? wtf? Here are some laid back party ideas to help you out.

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