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Photography loves photography. Good photography. We try to highlight some of our favorite photos and favorite photographers whenever we can with a photo of the day post.

Photo Of The Day: Tangled Up In You

Hey ya’ll! Remember this talented photographer – the amazing Diana Sabreen? She seems to get involved in the most awesome projects possible. You will definitely agree with me once you see this amazing photo.  Looks like she just photographed a wedding like you’ve never seen.  The photos speak for themselves…         So, […]

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Different is Beautiful!: Bridesmaids Dresses

The stereotype of the “bridesmaid” is sameness. Wear the same dress. Wear the same shoes. Wear your hair the same. Carry the same flowers… in the same line formation. Well, not at Bridesmaiding!  I started this website to show the world that you can keep your individuality and still be a supportive friend. You can […]

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Photo of The Day: A Little Grace

We are so grateful to Linna Xu Photography for sharing all their great stuff with us. This week, we are excited to show the engagement shoot photos of Linna herself, with her fiance, Trung. All of them feel so incredibly graceful and light. This is my favorite. All the pictures in this shoot were taken […]

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Best of 2011: Countryside Wedding

As the year comes to a close, Bridesmaiding is reaching out to some of our favorite photographers, bridesmaids, and 2011 brides to bring you Memorable Moments: Best of 2011. And now, we are happy to share some of these amazing moments with you. Today’s Memorable moment: Countryside Wedding These photos are from our friends at […]

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