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Wedding Day

Want to be so ahead of the bridesmaidin’ game? Be a helpful friend to the bride and fulfill all your bridesmaiding duties by keeping some of these tidbits in mind on the actual wedding day!

Getting Ready Time: Eat!
Usually, us bridesmaids like to all get ready together with the bride on the day of the wedding. During makeup and hair time, make sure the bride eats something! (And you should eat something too!) Nerves so often get in the way, and before you know it – you are standing in front of 150 people, with only champagne in your stomach, and you start getting hot and swervy. I swear to god, every photographer has a story about fainting brides and bridesmaids.

Most brides will say that they already ate or aren’t hungry. Its an epidemic. So, make a plate with things she can eat with her hands (veggies/dip, crackers/cheese) and plop it in her lap. While she is getting her hair done, she will start picking at the food without even realizing it. Sneaky, eh?

Bride’s Weekend Wedding Wear
I love hoodies. Everyone loves custom hoodies. So, obviously brides love custom hoodies or t-shirts to get ready in!

Cocktail Hour
At the cocktail hour, she’ll be too busy greeting people to get in line for hors d’oeuvres or stop a waiter passing any food. Make her a little plate of hors d’oeuvres – or ask a waiter to make one for you – and then just hand it to the bride so she can have it in her hand while she is greeting her guests!

And more…
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We are always adding more articles about bridesmaiding duties. Check for the latest!