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The Best Man

I want to talk for a minute about groomsmen. Specifically, the best man. The best man’s job has turned into little more than bachelor party social director. But it can be, and should be, much more than that. Your best man is your voice of sanity in the wilderness. He’s the one who should say […]

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Male of Honor? Ha.

We asked the guys: Have you ever been in the bridal party on the girls side? Not only was I in the bridal party, I was my sister’s maid of honor. I wasn’t, of course, given that title (the other bridesmaids referred to me as the “male of honor”), but I stood closest to her, […]

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No funny business

I was a groomsman for my friend Jeremy. The minister in charge (who I later learned was sort of randomly chosen for expediency’s sake) was just about the most humorless such person I could imagine. (Because what you want, when planning a day commemorating joy, is to quash mirth before it can spread.) As he […]

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