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(More) Gifts For Guys!

Mmmmmm. Beer. Here at Bridesmaiding, we are always on the lookout for cool stuff just for you. And like, all your friends. Well, this time – the cool stuff came to us! Yay! Less work! We’ve written about gifts for guys before but our list could always use expanding! The guys behind reached out to show us […]

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Gifts For Guys

If you think women are tough to shop for – try Grooms and Groomsmen! I’ve done a lot of creative gift searches for guys and almost every search leads you to a knife or a monogrammed toiletry bag. (Because nothing says “thank you” or “congrats!” like your monogram on a toothpaste-covered bag where you keep your condoms!) Here are some gift ideas that guys will actually like!

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What a Difference a Year Doesn’t Make

This weekend is my first real anniversary. Sure, I’ve been to fancy dinners and bought stuffed animals and made homemade cards and sung a cappella and once even bought what I considered to be a nice pair of sterling silver earrings, to demarcate the accomplishment of surviving a year pair-bonded to the same twenty-something for […]

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Photo of The Day: A Little Grace

We are so grateful to Linna Xu Photography for sharing all their great stuff with us. This week, we are excited to show the engagement shoot photos of Linna herself, with her fiance, Trung. All of them feel so incredibly graceful and light. This is my favorite. All the pictures in this shoot were taken […]

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Advice From The Groom

Our friend, John, is currently engaged to the lovely contributor, Kim, who wrote this great post about appreciating your maid of honor after her own experiences in that role. Well, now – as they plan their own wedding – the groom has a simple piece of advice of his own: Hey world, If your […]

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Photo of the Day: The Tulum Wow Wedding

Wow. There really aren’t any other words I can think of to describe the photos from LunahZon‘s latest project. They are literally breathtaking. And I’m more than aware that I usually use the word “literally” in abundance. But I mean it this time! This first one is truly a photo that you need to view […]

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