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Fashion Tips: Packing For A Weekend Wedding

Bridesmaiding’s Fashion Consultant, Shaina Stigler packs our suitcase for a wedding away. That’s right! An entire weekend of wedding wear from A to D! (Airplane to Dance floor, duh.) Weekend wedding, just got here this morning, 3 days, 2 bags, 1 me. Have you ever seen Annie?! Well if you have, you know that the […]

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Bridesmaiding Founder, Rachel Rosenthal, interviewed by Ultimate Bridesmaid Blog

Hey Everybody! It’s an exclusive with Bridesmaiding founder, Rachel Rosenthal! The Brooklyn bridesmaid blogging world is a tight circle. Ok, fine. It’s a small circle. ¬†But you know – we roll together ya’ll. We were especially excited to get interviewed by the Ultimate Bridesmaid Guide and talk all things Bridesmaiding! We discuss everything from Brooklyn […]

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All the Single Ladies! (And Single Bridesmaids)

Oh Beyonc√©. Thank you (both sarcastically and genuinely) for coming out with “Single Ladies” just in time for me to start my bridesmaid experience. You’ve made the whole experience, well, at least dance-worthy (and, provided a soundtrack for all the brides who tossed their bouquets). However, this song also makes all of us single bridesmaids […]

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